Google looks to hire 6,200 more people this year

Google is looking to seriously bolster its ranks, announcing plans to hire a massive 6,200 additional employees in 2011 - representing a workforce increase of around 25 per cent in a single year.

The advertising giant announced its plans earlier this week, telling local newspaper The San Jose Mercury News that the hirings would be 'across the board' and throughout the world.

During an interview with the paper, senior vice president Alan Eustace claimed: "The growth that we're seeing across a lot of different areas is really based on seeds we planted a long time ago. We made investment decisions a long time ago to plant the seeds in different areas, and the exciting part is those seeds are actually developing now."

It's thought that many of those newly-created jobs at the company will be set to work on Google's Linux-related projects, including its Android mobile platform and the ChromeOS cloud-based operating system.

If the outfit hits its employment goals, it will be one of the biggest periods of growth in the company's history - eclipsing its growth last year, which saw 4,565 workers added to the payroll. Not since 2007, when it created 6,131 additional jobs, has Google hired so many bodies in such a short time.

By the end of the year, Google will have more than 30,000 employees world-wide - three times the number employed by the company four years ago.