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Google "Not Happy" With Low Android Market Purchases

Google is reportedly unhappy with the low number of app purchases on its Android Market app store.

According to The San Francisco Chronicle, the company now plans to improve the platform to drive more purchases, a top Android executive has said.

Speaking during the Inside Social Apps conference in San Francisco, Android platform group manager Eric Chu said that the company was aware of the low app purchase on the Android Market and was currently thinking of new ways to increase sales figures.

Some of the improvements Google is planning for Android Market in 2011 are more accurate app recommendations and improved merchandising of the apps. Google also plans on introducing a feature that lets users see the most popular apps, based on an apps’ actual usage.

Chu added that Google was in talks to introduce direct carrier billing on Android Market, allowing easier payment options for users and at the same improving the Market experience.

Google also said that it has no problem with competing Android app stores like Amazon’s upcoming app store.