Google Plans To Hire 6,200 New Workers In 2011

Google has announced that the company plans to hire around 6,200 workers this year, increasing its total global workforce by almost a quarter.

The employment drive is a dramatic increase on last year, when Google hired 2,400 new employees to expand its overall workforce to 24,400.

Google’s hiring spree has not gone down well with some investors however, who have demanded more return for less costs.

Google has maintained that it needs engineers and sales representatives to stay ahead in the online search and advertising market. The company said that it would be hiring 1,000 people from Europe alone.

Alan Eustace, Google's senior vice president for engineering and research, said in an interview with Mercury News: “The growth that we're seeing across a lot of different areas is really based on seeds we planted a long time ago. We made investment decisions a long time ago to plant the seeds in different areas, and the exciting part is those seeds are actually developing now.”