iPhone app helps cyclists to get UK's roads fixed

A new iPhone App has been released which allows whistle-blowing cyclists to report potholes in UK roads.

So if you're fed up getting thrown off your bike by unexpected hazards, there's an App for that.

UK national cycling organisation, CTC, has created 'Fill That Hole' to allow UK cyclists to report potholes and dangerous road defects, helping to create an early warning system for other bike users.

Poorly maintained road surfaces aren't just a nuisance, they can be a potentially lethal hazard. The CTC reckons there's a pothole for every 110 metres of road in the UK - and with no nationally-organised system to report them, they can go unfixed for ages.

The new app, available from Apple's iTunes App Store, provides a technological solution to what the CTC calls the "mounting pothole crisis", by letting users report hazards to Fill That Hole's centralised database.

Whenever they encounter a pothole, users can submit a report from the roadside and plant a flag on a map to mark the hazard location using GPS location. They can also use the iPhone's camera to take a photo of the road defect.

Once they've submitted their report, the Fill That Hole web site finds and emails the relevant local highways authority - triggering a statutory duty to repair it.

You'll find the Fill That Hole website here. After mis-typing the URL ourselves, we discovered that the domain FillThatHole.com is currently for sale - though seemingly, its owners are aiming it at a very different market.