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Nintendo Defends 3DS 3+ Rating

Nintendo has once again clarified that the upcoming 3DS console isn’t dangerous for younger children to use.

The console is to receive a 3+ rating, advising that it is safe for children over the age 3 to play on the 3DS. However, the company has had to again address concerns that children of a younger age may be at risk when using the device.

Speaking to Spong, James Honeywell, Nintendo UK’s marketing manager, explained: "A ‘3+' title just means that the content within the game is suitable for anyone over that age, not that you should be playing it from the age of three,” adding: “I don’t think we actually ever actively promote gaming to the under-six anyway.”

The 3DS has already come under scrutiny regarding its suitability for younger children, following a warning posted by the company on their website claiming that excessive use of the 3D device could prove detrimental to children’s developing eyesight.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata later defended the move, saying that the warning was not meant to alarm parents and was only intended to inform of a potential - if unlikely - pitfall.

The 3DS is due to launch on 25 March in the UK, priced between £219.99 - £230.