UK Broadband Speeds Still Trailing, Akamai Finds

The UK continues to lag behind other European countries in terms of broadband speeds, figures published by Akamai have revealed.

In its State of the Internet report for the third quarter of 2010, the company said that Brits had to make-do with an average broadband speed of 4 Mbps, up from the 3.9 Mbps recorded over the previous three months.

The report showed that the UK is still some way behind such European countries as Romania, the Netherlands and Latvia, which receive an average speed of 7 Mbps, 6.3 Mbps and 6 Mbps respectively.

Worldwide, South Korea topped the list of nations with the fastest broadband with a recorded average download speed of 14 Mbps for homes and businesses. Second fastest was Hong Kong with 9.2 Mbps.

According to the report, no UK city made it onto Akamai’s list of the top 100 cities with the fastest broadband.

Akamai said in a statement: “Cities in Asia overwhelmingly continued to dominate the top 100 list, once again accounting for three-quarters of the list, with 61 cities in Japan and 13 cities in South Korea and Hong Kong.”