AMD launches Fusion SDK for GPGPU development

AMD is serious about pushing its Fusion range of Application Processing Units, or APUs, for accelerating multi-purpose computing, launching a new Fusion-dedicated AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing SDK.

Based on the ATI Stream SDK, the AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing SDK was launched today in order to make it easier for developers to use the GPU component of AMD's Fusion APU range for parallel processing tasks.

Known as general purpose GPU computing, or GPGPU, the technique allows developers to take advantage of the parallel processing capabilities of GPUs over CPUs in order to execute certain tasks far faster than would otherwise be possible.

Speaking of the release, AMD's John Taylor claimed: "When developers harness the power of parallel processing within our APU designs, they can fundamentally change the PC experience to help not only make it faster, but also to create new possibilities in software.

"In 2008, AMD was the first processor design company to embrace OpenCL, and as such, we have made significant progress in parallel processing innovation. Our vision has been realized with the widespread availability of the first PCs powered by AMD Fusion APUs."

With the first machines powered by AMD's Fusion APU chips, the mobile-oriented Brazos and the desktop-themed Zacate, appearing on the market, the market for GPGPU technologies is likely to explode.

With GPGPU programming techniques promising to dramatically speed up common tasks like media encoding and decoding, encryption and decryption, and even physics simulation, AMD's Fusion line looks to stand it in good stead against rival chip maker Intel.

The AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing SDK v2.3 is available for immediate download from the company's developer website.