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Egypt Blocks Social Media Sites In Attempt To Quell Unrest

The Egyptian government has blocked access to a number of social media websites it believes are aiding the organisation of protests currently spawning across the country.

Websites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and Hotmail are now inaccessible from within Egypt. Chinese search engine Baidu and a certain proxy service are also blocked by the government.

The cyber blockades are a part of President Hosni Mubarak's efforts to crack-down on the protests and restore peace in the country.

Twitter, which has become a rally point for protesters all over the world, had been partially blocked but a Swedish mobile video streaming website called Bambuser was blocked entirely due to its use in some of the protests.

Additional reports suggest that the government has temporarily disrupted mobile phone services in a bid to prevent people from organising protests via SMS.

Following the crack-down, self proclaimed 'Online Living Consciousness Anonymous' has targeted websites belonging to the Egyptian government. According to the Guardian, since being targeted, reports suggest a number of government websites have been either hacked of taken offline.