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Facebook Ramps Up Security With HTTPS

Facebook is to roll out new security features to protect its users and their personal information from hackers.

Users connecting to Facebook will soon have the option to access the site using a HTTPS secure connection, which ensures that users are safely logged in and encrypts data exchanged between the PC and platform.

Facebook says that the feature will protect users logging in on the platform using unprotected wireless networks, which hackers can exploit to steal unencrypted web traffic.

The feature will also protect users from a Firesheep attack, based on the Firesheep Firefox plug-in, which was created last year by security researcher Eric Butler. The plug-in allows anyone to gain access to users' Facebook account from insecure wireless networks.

The move also follows the hacking of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's fan page on the site.

“We are rolling this out slowly over the next few weeks, but you will be able to turn this feature on in your Account Settings soon,” Facebook informed in a blog post.