Facebook Rumoured To Be Working On VoIP Service

Rumours are circulating that Facebook could be planning to add a VoIP service to its site.

A number of users discovered that a call button appeared on friends user profiles along with the options to chat, poke and send a message. When the call button was pressed a dialogue box opened saying “calling [friend name]”. The option apparently disappeared soon after.

A photo has also been leaked showing a user calling a friend via Facebook chat.

Facebook is yet to comment on the speculation.

The news of a potential VoIP service follows reports last year that Skype been referenced numerous times in Facebook code and that the VoIP provider had integrated the social network into an upgrade. It is unknown whether or not these tests mean the two companies are working jointly on bringing VoIP to the service, or if Facebook is working independently on the project.

According to Inside Facebook, however, the company has recently removed a job listing for a Voice Network Engineer, suggesting that this may be an in-house project.

The move to bring a Skype-like service to the site could also be the latest challenge to Google by the social network - who’s own VoIP service Google Voice has proved popular. The two companies clashed last year over competing e-mail services.