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Google Censoring 'Piracy Related' Search Queries

Google has started to actively censor "piracy related" queries on its search engine, barring people from using the terms on its 'auto-complete' and 'instant' search features.

With the new anti-piracy taking effect, Google's auto-complete and instant features fail to work for search queries that contain words like BitTorrent, torrent, utorrent and all other known combinations of the word torrent. RapidShare and Megaupload are also on the list of prohibited search terms.

According to TorrentFreak, the move comes after the MPAA, RIAA and the British Phonographic Industry blamed Google for aiding online piracy and asked it to deploy censorship measures.

In response to the accusations, Google had announced in December that it would tweak its search engine to discourage users from seeking out pirated material.

But the move has not gone down with the sites affected.

BitTorrent's Simon Morris told TorrentFreak: "We respect Google’s right to determine algorithms to deliver appropriate search results to user requests. That being said, our company’s trademarked name is fairly unique, and we’re pretty confident that anyone typing the first six or seven letters deserves the same easy access to results as with any other company search.”

"What Google may not realize is that our technology is used for many purposes that provide significant value to the technology industry, companies, artists and consumers at large,” he added.