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Google snatches Osama Bedier from PayPal

Google's plans for a future where your Android-powered smartphone becomes your wallet have been laid bare, with the advertising giant snapping up platform chief Osama Bedier from PayPal.

Although Google has yet to announce its intentions for Bedier, his previous job at PayPal saw him leading the team that developed mobile payment methods for smartphones. With Google having placed Near Field Communications - NFC - hardware into its Nexus S smartphone, it's pretty obvious why they want Bedier on side.

In a statement, PayPal's chief technology officer Scott Guilfoyle said: "After eight years at PayPal, [Bedier has] decided to make a change, taking on a new role at Google. Osama helped open our platform to the world two years ago and that’s driving great innovation and momentum. I want to personally thank Osama for his friendship and leadership."

Bedier is to be replaced in his role by Matthew Mengerink, a ten-year veteran at the eBay-owned payment processing company. Mengerink is described by Guilfoyle as: "A technologist who has previously led the PayPal architecture, infrastructure, payments development, core technologies, international development and customer quality and engineering services teams."

The hiring of Bedier comes just a few weeks after rumours spread that Google was looking to create an NFC-powered payment platform of its own, rather than relying on others to provide the infrastructure. Although not officially confirmed by the company, Bedier's hiring makes that possibility significantly more likely.