HP Palm Tablet Details Leaked By Employees

The details of one of HP's two upcoming Palm tablet devices has been leaked online.

The leak comes after HP announced it will be holding a press event on 9 February. HP has offered no clues to its content, aside from the tag line “Something big, Something small, Something beyond.”

Now it transpires that the company is gearing up to launch two tablet devices, with one - the Topaz - being detailed online.

According to Engadget, the upcoming Topaz WebOS tablet device will feature a 9-inch touchscreen and a no-button design. The device will also feature a front facing camera, a USB port at the bottom and a three speaker design.

It is alleged that HP's own employees leaked the top-secret information. HP's management has reacted angrily to the news and has called an emergency meeting with all of its development teams, Fox News has revealed.

Fox News also informs that the HP tablet will come with new features, such as an online cloud storage feature, a music service in partnership with Amazon, a dedicated Kindle app, Touchstone wireless charging, support for Adobe's Flash and a tap-to-share feature, which allows users to share files by bumping two devices together.