Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Sales Hit 2 Million

Microsoft has shipped 2 million Windows Phone 7 devices in the quarter ending December 2010, the company announced.

In an interview with All Things Digital's Mobilized blog, Microsoft Senior Product Manager Greg Sullivan shed some light on the company's flagship mobile platform, claiming that sales had topped the 2 million mark.

In December, the company had reported that it had sold 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 units, suggesting that the extra half-million sales came in under one month.

AT&T, the carrier with the most Windows Phone 7 devices, has said that sales have been growing steadily since the launch of the platform and that 90 per cent of customers planned to recommend the devices to their friends.

Citing recent customer satisfaction data, Sullivan said that 93 per cent of early Windows Phone 7 customers were either "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their devices.

“One of the key ways that we’ll measure success of Windows Phone is did we ship a phone people love,” he said.