News@10: O2 Plans Nationwide Wi-Fi Service, Google "Not Happy" With Android Market Growth & Samsung

The announcement by O2 that it is planning to roll out a free wireless, nationwide network brings a number of questions regarding how the service will be deployed. In the official press release (here), O2 says that it will double the number of premium hotspots currently offered by BT Openzone and the Cloud combined by 2013.

Google is reportedly unhappy with the low number of app purchases on its Android Market app store. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, the company now plans to improve the platform to drive more purchases, a top Android executive has said.

Samsung is set to announce a new product on the 13th of February at the Mobile World Congress event to be held in Barcelona and there are hints that this may either be the successor of the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the heir to the popular Galaxy S.

Nintendo has once again clarified that the upcoming 3DS console isn’t dangerous for younger children to use. The console is to receive a 3+ rating, advising that it is safe for children over the age 3 to play on the 3DS. However, the company has had to again address concerns that children of a younger age may be at risk when using the device.

A UK-based company called Ubiquisys has unveiled a network base station that is so small that it can be moved around as easily as a smartphone. The "attocell" only needs an internet connection and a computer with a USB port to function. Its broadcasting power is so low that you will be able to use it in many countries with stringent rules like America without having to apply for a licence.