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Orange to bring out NFC payments

The company that jointly heads up Orange and T-Mobile are to deliver contactless mobile phone payment technology, in conjunction with Barclaycard this summer.

Near field communications (NFC) technology that came to the mass public attention when it first appeared in the Google Nexus S handset, will soon be used by EverythingEverywhere in new handsets for the payment of goods.

Orange, T-Mobile and Barclaycard have stated that over 40,000 high-street stores will be ready to accept their contactless payment scheme, which is backed by secure SIM-based transactions to ensure purchase protection for consumers.

This comes from the co-branded Barclaycard and Orange credit card that was announced two years ago, with their upcoming pre-paid contactless cards seen as the interim step before the NFC mobile phones arrive to support this project.

It’s been said the SIM-NFC technology will work by just simply waving a mobile phone against a contactless reader, where the payment for goods will then take place in the likes of Pret a Manger, EAT, Little Chef and the Co-Op – who either currently support the technology, or will soon.

Both companies believe this will be one of the biggest revolutions since credit cards were introduced 40 years ago, along with being one of the largest cultural shifts since ATMs began appearing.

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