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PlayStation games on your Android phone

Entertainment giant Sony has unveiled the PlayStation Suite, which allows for PlayStation games to be officially played on Android devices.

Sony has opened up PlayStation content for the first time to the Google mobile open source operating system, to be accessible on mobile phones, tablets and other Android devices.

Besides just offering the gaming content they are also providing a new platform for gamers, which will allow for game developers and publishers to potentially expand their business to the Android user base on phones, along with larger and smaller tablets too.

Sony will start with a PlayStation certified licence programme for hardware manufacturers, to ensure the delivery of a quality PlayStation experience across various devices - with Android 2.3 being the base line for both the platform and hardware.

The company is starting by offering up original PlayStation games, also known as PSone classics, to the Android devices with a view to provide quality PlayStation games from the outset.

There are plans in play to make a PlayStation Store directly available to the Android OS, where users can download content straight to their devices although there’s no news as yet to the size of the gaming files.

Sony has also stating they will offer a new game development environment, as a way of ensuring new content is delivered on the PS Suite.

This newly developed content will also be for the next generation of their PSP, codenamed ‘NGP’, which Sony announced at the same event.

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