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Rumour: Playbook May Run Android Apps

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is rumoured to be planning to run Android apps on its upcoming Playbook tablet and other QNX-based devices.

Multiple sources have told Boy Genius Report understands that RIM is "seriously considering" deploying the Dalvik virtual machine, which is also used on the Android mobile operating system.

By choosing Dalvik, RIM's Playbook and other QNX-based devices would be able to run all apps developed for Android, like the Android Market, Gmail, Google Maps

According to BGR, the company is currently trying to figure out ways to connect an existing Java environment with its QNX-based Playbook device. RIM had made it clear in the past that it was looking for an appropriate Java environment to run on PlayBook, but hasn't yet decided on one.

RIM now has two options, BGR reckons, either to use Dalvik without Google involvement, or to partner with Google to enable the QNX-based tablet to run Android apps, potentially giving it an edge over the competition.