Sky Buys The Cloud, Gains 5,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots

UK cable services provider Sky has confirmed the acquisition of The Cloud, a company operating Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK and Europe.

According to, the company disclosed the purchase in its six month financial results report.

The company said that subscribers will be able to access Wi-Fi at specific locations to remain connected once they move out of their houses. Sky said, however, that the acquisition is being subjected to a regulatory clearance in Jersey.

Sky said in a statement: "The acquisition gives us ownership of over 5,000 public Wi-Fi locations across the UK, ensuring that customers can access our online service at a network of convenient locations."

“In addition, the initiative will complement our existing broadband services by offering customers a comprehensive option for Wi-Fi connectivity while they are on the move.”

Sky has also posted strong financial results for the past three months, earning a net profit of £179 million, an increase of £51 million from this time last year.

The news Sky's purchase of The Cloud and its 5,000 hotspot network, comes only days after rival network provider O2 promised to create a free Wi-Fi network across the UK.