Sony unveils next-generation PSP

Sony is preparing to launch a successor to its PlayStation Portable, the company revealed.

The Japanese outfit also confirmed it is to port older PlayStation games to Google's Android operating system, so that the games can be played on mobile phones and tablet PCs.

Sony gave its upcoming toy the fanciful label of "Next Generation Portable," at a press gathering in Japan this morning. The outfits suggested the gadget will sport a five-inch organic light-emitting diode touch-screen display, front and rear touch panels and 3G wireless connectivity.

Sony once had great hopes for the PSP and has managed to shift some 67 million of the blighters since its launch in 2004. Nintendo's DS shifted twice as many units however, and with its rival preparing to launch the 3D-toting 3DS in the coming weeks, Sony obviously decided to roll out a bit of vapourware in order to pinch some of Nintendo's thunder.

In this light, the shift towards Android is a much tastier bit of news, and we await more details.

Meanwhile, Sony's trumpeted gadget could become a real product by the end of the year.