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Sony Prepares To Release Security Update For PS3

Sony is soon to release an update for the PlayStation 3, which will patch a number of security holes.

The latest version of the consoles firmware - version 3.56 - is “a minor update that adds a security patch” according to the Official PlayStation Blog.

Some analysts expect that the update may include fixes to holes uncovered by iPhone jailbreaking expert George - Geohot - Hotz and the hacking group fail0verflow. The hackers successfully decrypted the consoles root key, allowing homebrew developers to build games for the PS3.

Sony later attempted to file a restraining order against Hotz to prevent him from using the Jailbreak on the console, although the case has been delayed due to confusion over which state he should be tried in.

It has also been rumoured that by launching the patch, Sony may take the opportunity to introduce a serial code for games - similar to those used on PC games - to try and curb piracy on the console.

Sony has not commented on the claims.