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Everything you ever wanted to know about life

If you love a bit of information, but find all that pesky reading business a bit of a bother, we've just stumbled across a web site which might just make your day.

A bit like Wikipedia for the hard-of-reading, Qwiki provides bite-sized chunks of information on millions of subjects all presented with swooshy Flash animations of pretty pictures, and narrated by a slightly robotic female voice.

It's scarily comprehensive with pages upon pages of information on big subjects like Apple, and the environment, and slightly less on Dunstable, the birth place of our esteemed editor.

Like Wikipedia, registered users are able to suggest corrections or additions, including pictures and YouTube videos as well as pointing out mispronunciations made by the hard-working narrator.

The people behind Qwiki say their goal is to "forever improve the way people experience information", adding: "We believe that just because data is stored by machines doesn’t mean it should be presented as a machine-readable list. Let's try harder."

The site is in alpha at the moment and the team is keen to get loads of user feedback in order to improve the service, which we are guessing will be advertising-sponsored once it loses the alpha tag.

It's the closest we've seen yet to Douglas Adams' visionary Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy and, as such, heartily recommend that you spend some of that Friday afternoon down-time giving it a whirl.