Google Plans Chrome Laptop Giveaway

Google is to team up with Chrome Web Store partners to give away free Chrome OS notebooks.

Google has chosen MOG, Box, LucidChart and Zoho to distribute free Cr-48 notebooks to lucky selected winners.

MOG, which offers subscription based music streaming service, said in a blog post: “Last month Google launched a program to recruit pilots for their Cr-48 Chrome notebooks. If you are a MOG subscriber and keen to use the Cr-48 to the max and send regular feedback to Google, here’s your chance to own one!”

LucidChart, a diagram app, which has had 20,000 Web Store app downloads since its launch, said it would be giving away 100 Cr-48 notebooks. To enter the competition users have been asked to create and share a diagram made using the app by 12 February.

Box and Zoho are randomly giving out web links to selected users, allowing them to sign-up for the chance to receive a free Google notebook.

Google plans on released two Chrome OS based notebooks from Acer and Samsung sometime this year. The devices will be powered by an Intel processor.