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LinkedIn acquires CardMunch

LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, has acquired business card scanning app maker CardMunch.

CardMunch is a start-up company that offers iPhone apps, which allow users to scan business cards and link the information to their contact lists.

The company originally tied up with the social network back in November last year, when it started offering LinkedIn integration on its app. This allowed people to send a LinkedIn invite to the people whose cards they scanned.

CardMunch users had to pay $0.33 per scan, $0.99 for three scans and $9.99 for 35 scans. LinkedIn has now announced that the latest version of CardMunch will be available for free, with no limit on the number of cards scanned.

“We remain committed to providing the best product and service for transcribing business cards and managing professional relationships on your mobile phone. We've enjoyed serving our users and by joining LinkedIn, we have the opportunity to deliver even more great features,” the company said in a statement.

CardMunch can be downloaded here. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.