LinkedIn Targeted Ads Service Comes Out Of Beta

LinkedIn has moved its text-based targeted advertising program out of beta, allowing advertisers to serve more relevant ads to its 90 million users.

The advertising system, which was launched back in 2008 under the LinkedIn DirectAds brand, will allow advertisers to access valuable user information so that they can serve more relevant, targeted ads.

With the self-serving text-based targeted advertising system, social network for professionals LinkedIn joins the likes of Facebook, which offers similar services to advertisers.

The company said in a press release that advertisers will now be able to serve targeted ads based on a user's job title, company name and LinkedIn Group, as well as serve ads based on geography, industry, job function, seniority and gender.

“LinkedIn Ads are just one of the many ways businesses can market to the high-caliber audience of more than ninety million professionals on LinkedIn,” the company said in a statement.

The company said its ads are available internationally, but currently only in "English and US dollars".