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OpenLeaks Goes Live After Site Leak

WikiLeaks-alike OpenLeaks has been forced into a premature launch after the website was leaked on Cryptome.

New whislte-blowing site OpenLeaks, which went live on Thursday, is run by Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Julian Assange's former No.2 at WikiLeaks and a previous member of German hacker group the Chaos Computer Club.

Domscheit-Berg had planned to release the website in December and only run trials throughout the first half of 2011 before later moving on to big media. But, after someone leaked a PDF to yet another whistle-blowing site Cryptome, his plans were disrupted.

OpenLeaks has currently not published any leaked documents, Fox News reports.

Domscheit-Berg set up OpenLeaks after his fall out with Assange, but OpenLeaks apparently bears its former associate no ill will.

"While we fully support the stated goals of WikiLeaks, and wish them success, OpenLeaks is an independent project," Its site states.

OpenLeaks said it is not "an enhancement of, or a replacement for, WikiLeaks, nor is it a competitor. Rather, it is a complementary project providing capabilities other than those that WikiLeaks does, or can, provide."