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Sony PS3 Firmware Patch Cracked Already.

Sony’s latest PlayStation 3 firmware patch has been cracked within a matter of hours of being released, reports claim.

Ars Technica reports (opens in new tab) that the software hack and instructions of how to get round the newly introduced security measures on the console have already been leaked online.

The recently released patch 3.65, which the company stated (opens in new tab) was “a minor update that adds a security patch”, was widely anticipated to implement a block for the jailbreaks created by George ‘Geohot’ Hotz and the members of fail0Verflow hacking group.

The hackers successfully discovered and published the console’s root key, allowing developers to create homebrew software for the PS3, as well as to use and download pirated games.

Sony today successfully slapped (opens in new tab) Hotz and three members of fail0verflow with a temporary restraining order, preventing them from sharing the root key details or using any PlayStation hardware until the conclusion of a court case.

The update also bans users with custom firmware from playing games, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops, online according to Ripten (opens in new tab).