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White iPhone 4 spotted on the moon

Apple's fabled white iPhone 4 has been spotted... on the moon.

Our space correspondent Fabio Ricated reported the sighting from an observatory in Madeup County, California late last night and tells us he's convinced it is the first genuine sighting.

"It's very exciting news for any girls out there who are still waiting to buy some twelve-month-old technology in a pretty new wrapper," he said, slurring slightly. He added: "I spoke to a member of the Clanger clan which first made the discovery early this morning and he told me, and I quote: 'Wooo woop woooo woop, bwoo bwoo booop, oopp woop'. I think he may have been drunk."

We phoned our local Apple Store this morning to see if anyone there could confirm or deny the sighting or thousands of others on retail web sites all over the world. The surly fellow who answered the phone, and whose name we didn't catch because of the whine of the vacuum cleaners in the background (or it could have been a Genius training session... it's hard to tell) said, "Listen mate. I don't know what all the fuss is about. I saw a dead wasp in the window of a butcher's shop once but it don't mean the geezer was selling dead wasps, does it?"

Coincidentally, Vodafone has also added the White iPhone 4 to its web (opens in new tab) site with a 'coming soon' tag... and we promise that's the last time we'll mention it until we have an actual confirmed sale. Honest. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.