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Thinq offers Apple some hover gesture suggestions

Apple has recently been awarded a patent for 'hover gestures' which would allow users to control devices using freehand movements.

The technology could work using proximity sensors, capacitive panels or cameras embedded in the keyboard surface, much like Microsoft's Kinect.

The patent suggests mundane gestures like pinch to shrink and spread to zoom, drawing an X with a finger to delete an item or circling a finger to select an area, but we have some other ideas Steve Jobs might like to consider.



Hide application...

Everything is just fine.

Everything is no longer fine. Contact technical support support.

Everything is no longer fine. Contact technical support support (UK localisation).

Everything is no longer fine. No response from technical support. I'll fix the bugger myself.

The hammer didn't work. You've got five minutes to start working or I'm bringing in the fire axe.

Victory... everything is working again. I knew my strong-arm tactics would succeed in the end.

All that violence has made me hungry. It's lunch time. Open Safari and find me a recipe for a nice bowl of soup.

I'd like to play the piano. Open GarageBand.

Open Safari and find me some porn.

I can't find my glasses. Please make the naked ladies on the screen bigger.

Open iTunes and play some Black Sabbath.

Open Front Row and download the latest Star Trek Movie.

Open Front Row and download Watership Down.

I am being attacked by vampires. Notify the authorities.

I have been turned into a vampire and my hands no longer register on the camera. Notify Professor Abraham Van Helsing.

Now it's your turn
Think you have a better idea for a gesture? If so, take a snap and send it to If we like it we'll add it to the feature and give you a name-check for your troubles. Fame awaits.