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Egypt Pays Heavy Economic price As Internet Is Cut

The Egyptian stock exchange fell by more than 15 per cent in three days to 5638 after the government chose to turn off access to the internet.

There is a weak correlation between the drop in the stock exchange index, the EGX30, and the fact that the overwhelming number of Egyptian internet users could no longer access the web within minutes.

Only one ISP, Noor Group, appears to be working fine, powering the Egyptian Stock Exchange and seven per cent of the web-connected Egyptians.

Already though, there are many coming up with ways to circumvent the internet blackout. EgyptFreedomNow tweeted that "DIAL-UP ISP IS WORKING. DSL is still working #Egypt,Try their Dial up numbers (0777 7770),(0777 7000)".

Yes, dial up, despite its obvious disadvantages, is literally a last resort lifeline for those looking to communicate with the rest of the world with at least two, FDN (French Data Network) and Global Dialup providing access to anyone with an analog phone line.

Others like Lifehacker have urged their followers to provide with resources to help Egyptians stay connected and keep their lines of communication open.

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