White iPhone 4 Goes On Preorder For £919.14

The white version of the Apple iPhone 4 32GB has appeared online at Expansys for a whopping £919.14 including delivery.

You can only pre-order for now and there are no cancellation charges. Apple charges £612 for the black version of 32GB iPhone 4 so we're not sure whether it is worth paying more than 50 per cent extra to get a white smartphone.

Furthermore, it is very unlikely that Expansys will have the white iPhone 4 well before Apple stores and other Apple retailers; paying over the odds is only worth it if you REALLY want to get the handset before everybody else.

For the rest of us, there are scores of white iPhone 4 conversion kits available with some shops even offering an onsite, convert-while-you-wait, service for a fee.

The latest rumours point to a release of the white iPhone 4 for the 27th of February 2011 based on a screenshot of an internal AT&T listing obtained by BGR.

Apple delayed the release of this particular model because of manufacturing problems, more specifically, it is rumoured that pictures produced by the phone's camera are affected by the white glass back.