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AMD To introduce Ultra Low Voltage Ontario APU

AMD has reportedly managed to produce an ULV version of its Ontario application processing unit, one that is based on the C-50 and runs at 1GHz.

The new model, which according to Japanese tech website PC Watch (opens in new tab) has been launched in Singapore, will have a TDP almost half that of the C-50.

It will still have a dual core processor but will feature a simpler memory controller with limited I/O features like one USB port and one HDMI port.

Still, like its bigger brother, it will come with a full-fledged DirectX 100 graphics module which will put it far ahead of anything Intel has produced for now.

At 5W, the chip is even more power-efficient than most Atom processors and could even prove to be a worthy competitor to some ARM designs.

The yet-to-be-named APU will apparently start to appear in tablets including at least one from Acer sporting a normal Windows 7 operating system.

We suspect that AMD may cut down power consumption even further by releasing a single core version of the C-50, one which would rival the Atom N270.

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