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Manchester Airport Gets Holographic Staff

Manchester airport has introduced holographic customer service staff to help passengers with the security search process.

The holograms, which are modelled after real-life airport staffers John Walsh and Julie Caper, will be deployed at Terminal 1. Airport authorities said the security holograms use the same technology that is used to bring animated music group Gorillaz to life for stage shows.

The technology has been developed by entertainment company Musion, which had designed a special Frank Sinatra hologram for Simon Cowell’s birthday party.

According to Reuters, the holograms will be deployed at the entrance of the security search area and will inform passengers about the rules against carrying liquids on the aircraft.

Julie Caper said in a statement on the Manchester airport website: “We don't want anyone to have to throw their drink or make-up away so we've tried lots of different ways to reinforce the liquid rules, from posters to people dressed up as giant deodorant cans.”