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MeeGo Tablets To Launch In Second Quarter

Intel reportedly plans to ship tablet devices based on the MeeGo platform in the second quarter of 2011.

Citing people familiar with Intel’s plans, PC World reports that the company is yet to announce products running on the Linux-based platform, but sources believe that the MeeGo OS will be launched during the second quarter.

Intel is yet to confirm the rumours, but in the past both Asus and Acer have shown support for the OS.

Jointly developed by the chip giant and Nokia, MeeGo is the result of a merger between Intel's Moblin and the Finnish mobile phone maker's Maemo operating systems. MeeGo is designed for use on tablets, smartphones and netbooks, and its development is being overseen by the Linux Foundation.

MeeGo is designed to run on Intel’s Atom processors in direct competition to ARM's processors found in most tablet and smartphone devices.

When launched, the operating system has the mammoth task of competing with the likes of Apple's iOS and Google's Android OS for space in the market.