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Microsoft Launches Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft has announced the launch of the cloud version of its Dynamics CRM software service.

The Dynamics CRM Online will give direct competition to customer relation management tools offered by rivals SAP, Oracle and Salesforce.

In order to entice customers, Microsoft is offering its CRM tool at lower licensing costs and has also announced incentives for Oracle and Salesforce CRM customers who make the move to Dynamics CRM Online.

The software giant is specifically targeting Salesforce by offering special discounts to customers willing to switch to Microsoft. According to Forbes, Microsoft is offering Salesforce customers a $200 rebate per user if they switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Any Salesforce customers who make the switch to Microsoft before June 30 will pay a special discounted price of $34 per user per month for one whole year. Salesforce, which holds a 14 per cent share of the CRM market, could be seriously affected if Microsoft succeeds in its endeavours.