Mother Of Autistic Xbox Gamer Admits He Cheated

The mother of an 11 year old autistic Xbox gamer branded a cheat by Microsoft has admitted that some of the achievements earned on his account were illegitimate.

The boy's mother, Jennifer Zdenek, had suggested that her son was so good at gaming that Microsoft believed he was a cheater after seeing his Xbox Live achievements. However, the company revealed that "achievements were illegitimately modified on the account".

In response, Microsoft’s director for policy and enforcements Stephen Toulouse revealed that the player’s Xbox Live profile contained certain Halo 3 achievements that had to be gained online and in a specific order, but were received offline and not in the correct order, suggesting that the account had been tampered with.

Zdenek later admitted that her son lent his profile to another player, who could have been the source of the cheating, Q13 FOX reports.

The company has refused to restore his achievements, but has given him one month’s free access to Xbox Live and a new Gamertag so that he can start over again.

“We have been in contact with the mother in this case and explained in detail how the Xbox LIVE account was manipulated. We are unable to share any details due to privacy restrictions,” the company said in a statement to the Examiner.