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MPs Debate Use Of Tablets And Smartphones

UK MPs are debating whether to allow smartphones and tablets into the House of Commons.

The House of Commons’ Procedure Committee, the body responsible for maintaining proper practice within the House, is thinking of changing the rules regarding the use of smartphones and tablet devices within the House of Commons.

The committee said it would be reviewing the possibility of allowing the use of electronic devices within the Chamber and in committees, and will announce the results in due course.

According to, e-mails have been sent to MPs asking them their opinion on the matter, requesting comments on whether the silent use of smartphones and tablet devices should be permitted and for what purpose.

Currently the use of laptop computers and similar devices within the House of Commons has been banned.

Greg Knight MP, chairman of the procedure committee, said in a statement: “Electronic devices do not stand still with time... we need to keep up with the times and look at this again. It's right these rules are reviewed from time to time.”