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NTT Com plans 15Tb/s undersea cable

Japanese networking giant NTT Communications has announced plans to create a new undersea cable connecting Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Phillippines with 40Gb/s of initial bandwidth and 15Tb/s of total carrying capacity.

The Asia Submarine-cable Express (ASE) project, which will go live in June 2012, will see the connectivity between the countries dramatically enhanced - and, when complete, promises a total carrying capacity for East Asia of an impressive 15Tb/s.

The 7,200KM undersea cable will be built by a team from communications companies NTT Com, Telekom Malasia, PLDT, and StarHub, and is estimated to cost around £276 million to complete. Using 40Gb/s optical networking technology, the cable will offer short-hop connectivity between Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore by the end of 2012 - and include the option to add 100Gb/s optical channels at a later date.

Akira Arima, NTT Com's chief executive, claimed in a statement: "The ASE's planned launch is further testament to NTT Com's growing presence in the markets of Asia. We are excited about the business opportunities we expect to realize by bridging Tokyo and other Asian economic hubs with our high-speed, high-capacity ASE cable network."

As the demands grow on the Internet's infrastructure, and cross-country connectivity struggles to keep up, projects such as this will be vital for allowing the Internet to continue to grow.

Let's just hope European business are paying attention to NTT Com's little project, and thinking about similar efforts over here.