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Picture Of LG Optimus 3D Appears Online

The first picture of the LG Optimus 3D has apparently been published online via Phandroid, one that shows a closeup of what is likely to become the top of the range LG handset by the end of next month.

Phandroid is quick to point that the handset doesn't look like the LG Optimus Black and the Optimus 2X both of which were announced at CES 2011 in Las Vegas.

Based on the photo, the device appears to have a 4.3-inch screen, similar to the Xperia X10. It is likely to have a dual core processor - possibly the Nvidia Tegra 2 - and "multi channel RAM" (ed : does that means a pair of 512MB RAM modules?).

There's also a front facing camera for video conferencing and four touch sensitive buttons on the front. The phone is likely to run Android 2.2 with a Gingerbread update coming soon just as for the Optimus 2X.

LG has already sent invites for an event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in a few weeks time, one that promises to take users into a new dimension.