Rights Holders Team Up To Defend Digital Economy Act

Rights holders have rallied together to defend the UK’s Digital Economy Act (DEA) from the judicial review being sought by Internet service providers.

The high court has granted permission to nine trade bodies and organisations to fight for the DEA in court. The organisations include the Premier League, Producers' Alliance for Cinema and Television (PACT), the Motion Picture Association and BPI, The Guardian reveals.

ISPs BT and TalkTalk originally secured the right to file a legal complaint against the DEA, maintaining that the laws stated within it were flawed and that a certain amount of time was needed to study its implications before being enforced. Their main points of concern were that users would be unnecessarily punished and would have their privacy invaded.

John McVay, chief executive of PACT, said in a statement: “The act can help repair the damage that illegal downloading causes to the UK creative industry and reduce the threat to the hundreds of thousands of jobs that the creative companies supports.”