Security firm thanks WikiLeaks for profit boost

Insecurity outfit Imperva has announced that it achieved record growth at the close of its fiscal year 2010 and says much of that was due to WikiLeaks.

The firm boasted a 43 per cent increase in revenue for the 12-months, compared to 2009 and said Q4 2010 was its most lucrative quarter ever.

"Data breaches continue to inflict financial and reputation costs - especially WikiLeaks. In 2010, awareness grew dramatically around the need for database, application and file security. Not surprisingly, 2010 was a milestone year for Imperva and customer demand for our solutions has never been greater," the firm's CEO Shlomo Kramer burbled.

The firm said it gained nearly 400 new global customers in 2010 and saw an increase in mid-market enterprise revenue of 104 per cent over 2009. It also expanded its executive team and board of directors.

"We’ll continue to focus on providing solutions and research that enable companies to do business while securing their data from evolving threats and attacks," Kramer said.