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Sony NGP To Be Partially Backwards Compatible

Sony’s upcoming handheld games machine, the NGP, is to be backwards compatible with digital titles emulated from the PSP console.

The function was revealed in a recent interview with Sony President Kaz Hirai in Japanese site Impress Watch (via Andriasang).

As the NGP uses different hardware to the PSP - which used UMDs rather than the memory cards that packaged games will come as on the NGP - users wont be able to play every game which ran on the old format. Hirai, however, said that the company was in talks with developers who produced UMD-based games to create digital only copies of their titles.

Users with digital downloads on their PSP or PSPGo will be able to copy games across to the NGP when it launches.

The NGP was unveiled to the world last week at a press conference hosted by Hirai in Tokyo, and features two touch screens. There will also be both Wi-Fi and 3G versions available.

The device is set to be launched over Christmas 2011. No pricing details have yet been revealed.