Stolen laptop e-mails mysterious photo to owner

When a woman in Newport, Virginia had her laptop stolen, she gave up on ever seeing it again - until she received an e-mail containing a picture of two people she didn't recognise smiling in front of the webcam.

According to local news site, the unnamed 25-year-old woman had her laptop and other items stolen from her home on the 16th of January. Unbeknownst to the thief, however, the laptop was configured to automatically take pictures with its built-in webcam and to e-mail the to its rightful owner.

While the laptop was silent for a week, on the 21st of January the woman was surprised to find in her inbox a picture of two people smiling in front of the webcam - faces that she most definitely didn't recognise.

Although the Newport Police's statement on the matter doesn't accuse the pair of having stolen the laptop, investigators would like to speak to them to find out how they came to have the laptop in their possession.

However, the department's crime reporting hotline's number might give the pair cause for concern if they wanted to contact the police themselves: 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

Anti-theft software for laptops and smartphones is becoming increasingly clever, and with modern portable devices commonly having GPS receivers fitted it's often possible to track a stolen device to within a few metres.

Although the software won't do much good if the laptop or other portable device is wiped before it can phone home, criminals often neglect to do so.

Fingers crossed that the woman is reunited with her property.