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Apple Enforces Tighter App Store Rules On eBook apps

Apple has started to enforce tougher rules on apps that sell content through sources other than the company itself.

According to the New York Times, (opens in new tab) Apple rejected Sony’s iPhone ereader application on the grounds that it allowed users to purchase ebooks through the Sony Reader Store.

The company told Sony that all in-app purchases would need to go through Apple, to Sony’s President of its digital reading division Steve Haber said.

“It’s the opposite of what we wanted to bring to the market,” Haber said.

“We always wanted to bring the content to as many devices as possible, not one device to one store.”

Normally Apple gets 30 per cent of anything purchased on an iPhone or iPad, although some apps, such as ereaders, Amazon’s kindle app, and newspaper clients allow users to access paid content from other sources.

Macworld has also (opens in new tab) speculated that the latest move by Apple may coincide with the announcement of a new subscription tool, which is to arrive on the system with the launch of the iPad only newspaper, The Daily.

The news follows the discovery that Apple was infringing on copyright by selling Soviet-era Russian films on iTunes without the permission of the rights holders.