Apple iPad 2 To Share Same GPU, CPU as Sony NGP Console

The new Apple iPad 2 will come with completely new hardware specifications as far as its CPU and its GPU are concerned, with the Cortex A9 and the SGX543 tipped to be the favourites.

If the predictions of Taiwan-based Concord Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo are indeed true, this will mean that the iPad 2 will have exactly HALF the number of GPU and CPU cores than the recently announced Sony Next Generation Portable, which uses four Cortex A9 and four SGX543 cores.

Kuo says that the Cortex A9 will be clocked at 1.2GHz, up from 1GHz on the current Apple A4 processor and cites the fact that every MHz increase in the clock speed for a single core results in nearly three times the power increase.

Which means that it is desirable for Apple to go down the dual core route instead; we suspect that Apple will use the expertise acquired from Intrinsity and PA Semi to tweak the A5 to death.

Expect Apple to implement something akin to what Qualcomm did with its latest chipset, the ability to downclock either core independently of each other.

The analyst also points out that the iPad 2 will use the SGX543 with 512MB RAM clocked at 1.066GHz, higher than the iPhone's 800MHz.