Apple iPad 2 Won't Have Retina Display Says Another Analyst

The Apple iPad 2 won't have a retina display screen according to a report published by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for Concord Securities who specialises in Apple products.

Kuo, according to Apple Insider, said that the iPad 2 will instead get a thinner screen with anti-reflection features, a complaint about the original iPad that often surfaced.

This would allow the iPad 2 to get better readable experience under very bright conditions. The Kindle is known for being readable under direct sunlight.

He also added that the screen of the iPad 2 will a third thinner than the original iPad which may translate into a lighter and thinner tablet although Apple may choose to stick with the form factor and boost battery capacity instead.

Kuo notes though that the main reason why Apple will not go for a retina display is because the price of the panels which is too expensive as yield rates - the are not high enough to match the required Apple demand.

Apple sold around 15 million iPad tablets back in 2010 and is likely to sell more than twice that number in 2011, especially if the original iPad is no longer for sale.