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ARM reports bumper Q4 profits

The good news continues to roll in for British chip design giant ARM with fourth quarter profits climbing a massive 72 per cent, netting the company a not inconsiderable pay-off of £29.7 million.

While the company has been doing well for years, dominating the smartphone and embedded computing markets, in the last eighteen months ARM's star has truly been in the ascendant - helped largely by the interest in tablet computing devices triggered by the launch of Apple's ARM-based iPad.

With every Tom, Dick, and OEM looking to jump on the bandwagon, ARM is selling its low-power high-performance chip designs left, right, and centre - and with Microsoft confirming that Windows 8 will include ARM support as standard, it's beginning to make moves on the laptop, desktop, and server markets.

In a statement, chief executive Warren East claimed: "2011 will bring exciting opportunities and challenges as ARM enters competitive new markets and we are well positioned to succeed with leading technology, an innovative business model and a thriving ecosystem of partners."

After news of ARM's success was released, trading sent its shares up to a whopping 531.5p at the time of writing - a three per cent gain, and an improvement on the company's previous peak of 525p following numerous ARM-powered product announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year.