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Business side of the BlackBerry Playbook caught on video

Canadian smart phone manufacturer Research In Motion has published a video that highlights the upcoming BlackBerry tablet PlayBook, in its use solely as a business tool.

The self-produced footage by RIM displays the soon-to-be-released BlackBerry Playbook as something for the corporate environment, rather than as an entertainment product - which Apple, Samsung and others are aiming their offerings at.

The video starts by covering exactly how the RIM tablet device gains an internet connection whilst out and about, which is securely from a BlackBerry handset.

After the data connection ends, all of the information is automatically removed from the BlackBerry Playbook, with a view that many corporations could share a single device without the need to re-flash each time for security purposes.

The footage goes on to demonstrate the instant synchronisation of Blackberry emails to the Playbook, which happens as soon as a connection is established. Reading or deleting an email from the RIM tablet instantly replicates on the handset’s email account, with continuity being rife throughout the interconnection.

Research in Motion's latest video ends with displaying how switching between applications and features are easy and fast on the Playbook, with its 7-inch multi touch capacitive screen and dual-core 1Ghz processor.

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