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News@10: ARM Presents Two Embedded Processors, Apple Breaks Copyright Laws & UK Broadband

ARM has officially added two new members to its Cortex R family, the R7 and the R5; the R5 has actually already been released and the R7 should be available later this quarter.Both models are pegged to replace the R4 and will be used in a number of applications like 3G and 4G (LTE not WiMax) mobile baseband, mass storage, automotive and industrial markets.

Despite Apple’s draconian rules as to what does, and what does not make an acceptable app, a selection of Russian films have slipped into iTunes without the agreement of copyright holders. According to a report today by the BBC, Russian films dating from the Soviet era have found their way onto Apple’s platform, and are now available to download as smartphone apps.

The government has pledged £7.2 million in funding towards the University of Southampton’s Photonics HyperHighway project, which it claims could make British broadband 100 times faster. Making the announcement, minister for Universities and Science David Willets said that the six-year project will “revolutionise the Internet”, and has the potential to make it faster and more energy efficient.

Google’s Android mobile operating system has overtaken Nokia’s Symbian platform to become the best selling OS in the mobile market. According to research firm Canalys, in Q4 of 2010 32.9 million Android-based phones were sold compared to 31 million running Symbian, Reuters has reported.

AMD has reportedly managed to produce an ULV version of its Ontario application processing unit, one that is based on the C-50 and runs at 1GHz. The new model, which according to Japanese tech website PC Watch has been launched in Singapore, will have a TDP almost half that of the C-50. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.