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PlentyOfFish Hacked, Owner Blackmailed

PlentyOfFish, a Canadian dating site, was hacked and the owner blackmailed over the weekend.

The hackers broke into the site and managed to steal the user details of 345 accounts. They then attempted to blackmail site founder Markus Frind into hiring them as a security team. If he failed to comply they threatened to release the hacked accounts to the press.

“This was an incredibly well planned and sophisticated attack,” Frind remarked on his blog.

Chris Russo, an Argentine hacker who previously managed to break into the Piratebay, spent two days hacking into the site. He also timed the attack to coincide with Frind taking a flight to a business conference. Russo then phoned Frind’s wife, claiming that his computer had been taken over by Russian gangsters who were trying to kill him, to create a sense of panic.

The Argentine hacker and a “business partner” called ‘Luca’ then contacted Frind, and told him that they would leak the story of the breach to Washington Post reporter Brian Krebs unless he hired them as security experts for the company.

Russo later provided Grumo Media with a statement, claiming that he simply told Frind of a vulnerability in PlentyOfFish and publicised an e-mail from the site founder which said: “I'm going to sue you In Canada, US and UK and argintina. I am going to completely destroy your life, no one is ever going to hire you for anything again”.

Frind has yet to comment on the allegation.